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You love football. Everything about it. The strategy, the stats, the action, all of it. And when the action on the real gridiron ends, you want somewhere to immerse yourself into a world where you get all the football you want.

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Build Your Team

As the general manager, you will draft players, negotiate contracts, make trades, and build your team's depth chart to your liking. You can customize your player ratings to emphasize the skills you determine to be the most important, so you can be sure the right players are on the field at any time.

Set Your Gameplan

You decide how your head coach will call plays during the game. Whether you want to build a simple game plan or create a complex set of rules, you ultimately have control. Build your team to be a smash-mouth run team or air it out - whatever philosophy you want to impart on your team, you can do it.

Watch The Game!

Each game is simulated in an advanced 2D game engine and presented in full color for you to watch. Unlike some other text-based football simulators, each player is autonomously simulated throughout the entire game, making all players on the field have an influence in the play's outcome.

This is not fantasy football. This is what fantasy football SHOULD BE!

With the level of control you have over your team, that desire to be immersed in football becomes a reality with MyFootballNow. And since you're playing against users from all over the world, you're joining a great community of like-minded people who love football almost as much as you do.

MyFootballNow is a football management simulation game.

This is not an arcade game where your master of the joystick gives you bragging rights over your friends. You'll take the role as a meddling owner who is the supreme athority on decisions being made both on and off the field. You'll prepare your team by queueing up roster moves and game plans that will be executed during the next scheduled simulation. When you come back after the sim has been run, see whether the plans you created are leading you to victory - or if you need to clean house and build your team up from scratch.

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“I have spent the better part of the past decade scouring the internet for pro football management simulators, only to always be left disappointed. This is the first that’s really demonstrated the promise of everything I want.”

“If you’re like me and always ended up eventually setting Madden onto franchise mode then do yourself a favor and play this.”

“Overall the game is very intuitive and extremely friendly to both casual enthusiasts as well as those looking for a more in-depth experience.”

“I've been coaching for over 25 years and this game is by far the best online PC football experience I've ever had.”

“This is by far the best football sim I have played. Oh, and it’s free!”

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