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Development Roadmap

Curious about the future of MyFootballNow? Here is a list of the items immediately on our development list. Note that this list may change as the goals of the development team change, it is here simply as a way for you to have a pulse on what we're working on.

Up Next

This list is items that we are considering for the next phase of development.

Don't penalize opinion if a player is cut to get down to 53 players
Decline half-distance-to-goal-penalty when play results in a loss
Franchise Tag
Put cap impact on trade page
Add catch yards allowed stat
Allow league owners to create a poll
League owner should be in the league chat
Player ID on Player Card
Add ability by league owner to delete individual posts
League owner send mass PM to entire league
Saving rules messes up sort
Coach renaming
Rules should not override FG to tie at end of half
Custom Quarterback Progressions
HBs should stay home to block
Find Better Jobs for DBs Without Assignment
Onside kick being called after a safety
Add control to reduce weight of each play by a percentage each time it is used
Veteran re-signing stage before free agency
Add trade value to player csv download
Add personnel, formation, and defensive key to the game log
Improve accuracy of owner records in league
Player to player familiarity
AI Coach Signings not obeying the heirarchy rules

In Development

These items are areas we are currently developing.

Home screen redesign
Website 3.0

In Testing

Items listed here are in final testing.

Next Release

This is the list of upcoming features that have been completed for the next release.

Game winning TDs no longer require extra point
Version 0.4.6
Zone coverage updates
Version 0.4.6
Punt block for a 1st down
Version 0.4.6
Accepted Offsides Penalty on Defense - Time Runs Out and FG Came Off the Board
Version 0.4.6
Limit the amount a team can go over the cap
Version 0.4.6
3-way tiebreakers are not breaking when 1 team is eliminated
Version 0.4.5
Declined Penalty Logic
Version 0.4.5
Opponent Declines Penalty that would have Negated Turnover
Version 0.4.5
Move holding calculation to the end of the block (and extend the block if true) instead of at the beginning of the block
Version 0.4.5
Further DB/Coverage Tweaks
Version 0.4.5

Hot Fixes

Sometimes bugs still make it into the general release. Here we will list items that have been patched in the current version.

Clinch Logic Way, Way Off
Version 0.4.5