Manage your own virtual professional football franchise.
Compete with the world.

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What is MyFootballNow?

MyFootballNow is a free web-based franchise football simulation game. You take on the role of owner/general manager for a team in the league and compete season after season with other people around the world.

You are responsible for signing and drafting players, hiring your coaching staff, managing your roster and depth chart, and assembling your game plan for each game. You can control a team in as little as a few minutes each day, or can spend lots of time digging into the stats, tweaking your game plan, or just exploring the depth of the game available. Games are simulated using an advanced game engine that makes thousands of decisions on each play, with players acting as “autonomous agents” which is a fancy way to say that each player makes decisions independently of anything other than what they are actually aware of.

How is MyFootballNow structured?

Six days each week, the league is locked for a short time while the day's stage is simulated. As a team owner, your job each day is to prepare your team for the next stage. Depending on what part of the season the league is in, you will have different tasks to prepare your team.

A season in MyFootballNow is broken up into two basic time periods: the offseason and the football season. The offseason has 4 steps: early free agency, the draft, late free agency, and training camp. During the free agency stages, teams are able to search through available free agents and offer them contracts. Between free agency stages, you will be able to see competing offers on any available free agents that were made during the most recent stage. You have a salary cap you must stay under each year, so it is your job to balance your contract offers with your needs and salary cap.

During the draft, your team has the opportunity to acquire the rights to rookie players. You can build your queue manually or set rules for your coaches to follow; when your selection time arrives, the player at the top of your draft list will be chosen and signed to your team. During early free agency, you will be able to view the players in the upcoming draft, and during late free agency any players who were not drafted will be available in the pool of free agents to sign.

Once the season begins, the simulation stages alternate between “Midweek” stages and “Game” stages. Midweek stages give you an opportunity to sign players to fill roster issues, such as injuries, and still have time to rebuild your depth chart before the ensuing “Game”stage. Game stages are where the action happens – each game is simulated using our advanced, custom game engine. Your coaches call plays during the games using rules that you define in your game planning tools. Games can be viewed in full color, where you can see exactly what happened on each play. After the league championship completes, the season ends, and the early free agency begins again!

What if there are no teams available?

MyFootballNow will generate new leagues as existing ones fill up. If you happen to try to join a league and they are all full, it shouldn't be long before a new one starts.

It sounds really time-consuming to play, I don't really have enough time to spend hours each day on a game.

While it's true that you can spend a great deal of time on MyFootballNow without running out of interesting things to look at, you by no means must spend a large amount of time each day to play. All decisions in MyFootballNow give you the option to load recommended settings – from your draft selection rules to you weekly game plan to your depth chart. You can easily keep your team competitive by just spending a few minutes between each game – every other day – loading up the recommended settings for the upcoming game. Finding players to offer contracts on during the offseason can be done quickly if you desire. Of course, we make no promises that you won't want to spend more time doing these steps and watching your games, but you needn't worry about your team falling apart if you are unable to log in for a time.

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. How do I get started?

Jumping into MyFootballNow is easy. Just go to the main page and create an account; once you've validated your e-mail address, find an available team in a league that appeals to you and take it over. Then you can explore the game, read through the official blog where you can see lots of tips, and feel free to post any questions in the league and community forums (available within any league) where other players will be happy to help out.

Have fun – and hopefully we'll see you in the league championship soon!