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We've all been there. You're following your favorite pro football team, and you just know that you could do a better job than what the general manager and coach are doing. Maybe you've tried to live vicariously through a sports management simulation but it left you empty with rote tasks and a hard-to-follow interface. Maybe what you've played requires too much time to be competitive. Or maybe it initially offered itself as a "free" game, only to blind side you with additional in-game purchases that you must make to remain competetive. has the goal of being the online, multiplayer franchise football simulation game that fixes all this. Sign up for free - and play for free, forever. You never have to pay anything unless you want to remove the ads. Take over a team, and make your way around the interface designed to show you want you need to see without forcing you to think like a computer scientist. Sign and draft players, hire coaches, set your depth chart, and assemble your game plan. Watch your games play out in full color. All for free. No strings attached. We're glad you're here, and we hope you have a great experince playing, the ultimate virtual online multiplayer football management game!

Daily Sims

When you navigate the interface, you are viewing the game in a frozen state. You will queue up actions - such as making contract offers or setting your game plan - that will activate when the next daily sim runs. The time until the next sim runs is displayed at the top of each page inside a league. Sims run six days each week, with a break on Sundays (UTC). You can spend as little as a few minutes getting ready for each stage, or you can explore your team, their stats, scout your opponent, or just participate in friendly banter with your fellow players.

Game Viewer

Watch your games in full color! The MyFootballNow game engine is a sophisticated simulation, and what you see on the field is what produced the result. You'll feel the bone-crushing hits, hold your breath as your team attempts a long field goal, and enjoy the thrill of watching a bomb go for a touchdown. Every game for the previous 2 seasons, and every playoff game throughout the history of the league, are available to watch in real time.

Game Log & Box Score

After you watch your game, or if you just want to skip to the result, you can view each game's complete game log, listing each play and what happened. The box score is also available for every game, and comprehensive stats are available and viewable across many dimensions. Watch your star running back rise to the top of the all-time list, and see how your defense compares against the league's best.

Team Page

Each team has a page dedicated to it where you can see all you need to know about them. The roster features players color-coded by position so you can easily find who you're looking for. All the transactions are viewable right here - from player signings to injuries to trades. And the complete team stat history is at your fingertips.

Player Page

Click on a player's page just about anywhere on the site and you'll get his player card. Here you can see a thumbnail view of the player with his attribute ratings, an overview of his health, and other interesting information. This makes it super-easy to compare players side-by-side as you evaluate who to draft, who to pursue in free agency, or who to cut. From here you can go to the player's full detail page, where you can keep up-to-date on his status, from his skill ratings to his health to his knowledge of your playbook. Player ratings are used to determine the outcome of thousands of events during each game. There's even a place to jot a note about any player that's visible both in his popup card as well as his page.

Assign Your Players Where You Need Them

The assigned position of a player determines what they practice during the week, and in turn at what position they increase in experience. If you want to change a player's position, you can immediately see what his ratings will be at the new position. Change player positions as often as you like - but try to keep them at one position for most of their career if you want them to get good at it!

Player Contract

Manage your player contracts to stay under the salary cap. During the offseason, bid on available free agents to fill your roster with the talent you need to be successful, and cut players that keep you above the roster limit or who are not working out. Keep your players on your team by giving them what they ask for, or let them test the free agent market. The contract calculator shows you how much cap room you have, and what your offer will do to your financial situation.

Coach Page

In MyFootballNow, you have full control over your coaching staff. Your head coach determines your playbook, and all your players will develop their attributes based on the skills of your coaching staff. You can make changes to your coaching staff at any time, and during the offseason you can even hire a coach from another team as long as you are offering him a promotion.


Need to leave yourself a reminder about something to do later? Slap a sticky note on your page. The sticky notes can be positioned, resized, and collapsed, and are great for reminders or general notes. They will stay on every page within the league until you close them.


The annual amateur draft occurs between seasons, and each selection fires according to a predetermined schedule, so you don't have to wait by your computer for hours - you know exactly when your pick will be made. Set weights to fill your auto-queue, and drag players into your manual queue to give yourself complete control over the selection process. Draft picks are automatically signed to your roster.


Our complex yet easy to operate game plan system gives you a high level of control over what plays are called each week. You have control over what personnel, play type, and even what plays are called in every situation. Feel overwhelmed? Just ask your coaches for their recommendations, and adjust to your liking. You can also save your game plans and load them later, even in another league.

Gameplanning: Playbook

Your playbook is set by your head coach, but you still need to assign plays to use during the game. Choose the plays your team will practice during the week and call during the game. As your players mature, they learn the plays that you use most often. The better a player knows a play, the better he will perform it. But be careful, if you don't change your playbook up you become easier to scout.

Gameplanning: Scouting Your Opponent

Scouting your opponent is an important process to your game plan. Just like your own plays, the better your team knows an opponent's play, the better they will perform. Use the scouting screens to decide what plays your team will practice against and in turn increase their knowledge of. Plays here are listed in order of most used by your upcoming opponent, and you can see right here how successful they've been.

Gameplanning: Other Features

Save your game plans for use later. Your saved game plans are available across all the leagues you are in. Also, the Miscelaneous Gameplan screen gives you extra controls to fine tune how your gameplan executes. Do you want to kick off or defer if you win the coin toss? How soon do you want to call the dogs off when you're winning by a large margin? When do you scrap the game plan and go into hurry up? These are all decisions that are under your control, right here.

Depth Chart

Setting up your depth chart is straight-forward. If you need to deactivate a player because of an injury, you can leave him in the depth chart so you don't have to remember where he was once he's healthy again. And you immediately see the rating of a player for the position you place him in the depth chart.


What would a multiplayer football simulator be without trades? Our trading interface allows you to set up a trade with an opposing player, and indicates the strength of each side. Draft picks are weighed based on the expected skill level of a player taken in that spot.

Player Attribute Weights

It's your team, so it should be up to you to decide what the calculated rating of each player is. Set weights for each attribute for each position and all the ratings in any player list will display according to the rules you've defined. Want a quarterback who is a great tackler? Increase the tackle ability and your numeric ratings for quarterbacks will adjust accordingly. The popup player cards show you the non-zero attributes you have assigned for that player's position.

Player Search

Search for players and coaches by a number of filters. Sort the list to find the best option for a free agent pickup or trade offer.


Each league has its own forum and private messaging system, and there is also a community forum for everyone. Talk about each game, announce players on the trade block, or just shoot the breeze with your fellow league-mates. Have a private conversation with another player to nail down those final trade details.

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